Featuring the top-selling quality vinyls, we offer a variety of PVC and polycarbonate choices.  PVC is a soft material and can easily be rolled, suitable for smile windows. Polycarbonate is a semi-rigid material that can be slightly bent and curved, but cannot be rolled.

Extruded clear PVC is an affordable solution to PVC and offers one-layer stability, clarity, and anti-separation.  PVC rolled-goods are available now available with an scratch-deterrent coating that is normally found only on premium brands.

Multi-layered PVC such as StrataGlass is the most optically-clear window glass on the market and is sold by the sheet. StrataGlass features a scratch-resistant coating and UVR protection.

Polycarbonates are an ever-evolving product in an ever-growing market within the marine trade.  Polycarbonates now feature scratch-resistant coatings and UVR protection. The clarity and wrinkle-free appearance is unsurpassed in the trade.  Marine-5 is the latest generation of polycarbonate and was created specifically for the marine trade.

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