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Level One: Basic Canvas Workshop

Persons new to the canvas industry should begin here. From sewing machine operation to the art of fitting/patterning canvas, to sewing your own cover to take home, this class gets you started on the right foot. Persons with experience, but would like to improve their skills, should begin here as well.
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Level One: Sewing Machine Repair

Persons in the canvas trade soon learn that they need the knowledge to maintain, set timing, and repair their sewing machine. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you’ll want to take this class. A repair manual featuring multiple sewing machines is also provided to each student.
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Level Two: Advanced Canvas Workshop

Taking the next step requires knowledge of building and bending steel tubing, making Bimini and Convertible Tops, Side Windows, and Aft Curtains. From small lakes to the Great Lakes, to the ocean, this core class launches your ability to produce canvas for most any boat in most any geographic location.
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Level Three: Bimini Enclosure Workshop

Owners of larger and/or upscale boats require a much higher level of quality and sophistication of canvas fabrication. Learning to design canvas and variable frame systems, fabricate complex bridge and Aft enclosures, working with track and valances is vital in most markets. Using advanced Estimating Software is also included in this six-day course.
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Level Four: Semi-Rigid Enclosures & Center Consoles

Semi-Rigid defines Fiberglass Tops and Polycarbonate Windows ability to be rigid, yet bend to conform to a curved shape. The popularity of semi-rigid materials continues to grow in the industry. Whether a sailboat, center-console with a T-Top, or an express style cruiser, working with semi-rigids requires skill. Learn to make Wings and Console Covers as well!
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Level Five: Upholstery Course 1 & 2

Another service offered by many canvas shops is marine and home furnishings. From simple cushions to complex births, wrap-around benches, bucket seats, to multi-compartment sectionals, we teach it all.
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One-Evening Seminar: Estimating & Frame Bending Software

Quick Canvas Estimator and Quick Frame Calculator Software seminar is an introduction to Northcoast’s unique computer software. Seminars are available as an individual course and is also included in Level Four: Bimini Enclosure Workshop.
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One-Day Seminar: Tracks-N-Tricks

Tracks-Tricks is a one-day seminar on the utilization, formation, and fabrication of zippered track systems and valances found on modern boats, from 20 foot boats to large yachts, track systems are the way of canvas attachment today and in the future. Learn the techniques and tricks of the masters. course and is also included in Level Four: Bimini Enclosure Workshop.
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Lodging Options: Student Condo

Up to three students per class have an opportunity for lodging accommodations at Northcoast’s luxury condo. Sit around the fire and talk about the day’s training or enjoy the view over the lake. We’ve kept the rates comparable to local hotel’s off-season rates.