Quick Canvas Estimator Workshop

This instructional class introduces the use of our Quick Canvas Estimator software. Included is instructional usage of the Quick Frame Calculator software application as well. The software offers the following: Symmetrical and non-symmetrical frame calculations to the 1/8th inch.

Bend and assemble perfect frames in your shop and take to the boat for installation. No more guesswork! Estimate, disclaimer, and contract for the customer to sign. Fabric and hardware estimator- measures all of the materials needed for any project to the nearest inch and prices the project to the penny!

Cut your estimating time down to 15 minutes, no matter how big the job is. No more late night estimating!

Materials List- the software builds a materials list to order from and calculates, cost-of-goods, markup, gross profit, GP per hour.

Work Order- hand your sewer the work order that details the job, materials required, design and style information.

Leave out the guesswork!

Setup Screen- set default parameters or change them on-the-fly!

If you own, or have an interest in purchasing the software, this class is well worth your time and investment.